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First class service that fits in with my busy schedule

George and Anthony have been keeping me fit and putting me back together again for 5 years. I have a number of long term back problems caused by years of rugby and George treats these conditions allowing me to still participate in sport. Anthony trains me, taking into account my back problem, yet still delivers a first class fitness session. I highly recommend George as an Osteopath and Anthony as a fitness coach they provide a first class service that fits in with my busy schedule.

Richard Marshall

Challenging, varied and enjoyable

I’ve trained with Anthony for many years and have always found his sessions challenging, varied and enjoyable. He has assisted me in attaining my physical goals and continues to help improve my general health and fitness. Anthony is very knowledgeable about a range of techniques and training regimes and is always professional in his approach.

George has worked with me for a number of years to rectify some minor aches and pains allowing me to remain injury free. I play tennis regularly and seeing George allows me to compete at a high level. George is organised, reliable and very professional.

Louis Wood

Instant results whenever I have attended his practice

Considering I am taller than average (6′ 4) lower back pain comes with the territory. George effectively used his experience to manipulate my lumbar region and help me bounce back to my active lifestyle. Every so often (maybe quarterly) I see George for some safeguarding and I consistently walk out feeling pain free, he manages to deliver these instant results whenever I have attended his practice. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to others. Thanks to George’s friendly, approachable practice and expertise he enjoys an outstanding local reputation.

Robert White

Severe back pain is a thing of the past

George is amazing! I have had various practitioners examine and treat my back however George is the only one to have really addressed the root cause of the problem. He has been very flexible and makes treatment and sessions graceful and affordable. I can call him if I am in pain and know that it will be sorted in one or two sessions, and the occasional ‘MOT’ maintenance treatment means that severe back pain is a thing of the past. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Natalia Trendler

Diagnosed and treated with care, effectiveness and skill

I have been a client of George Sotiri for nearly 2 years, during which time he has dealt with several different issues, each of which he has diagnosed and treated with care, effectiveness and skill. His manner is friendly, helpful and understanding and I can unreservedly recommend him as an osteopath.

Jacqueline Waltz

Would highly recommend him to anybody

George is an excellent osteopath and we have built a good bond together. He has greatly helped me to deal with my serious achilles tendon injury. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for treatment for muscular aches and pains, or rehabilitation from injury, especially for sport.

Robert Simon

I am able to still do the sports I love

I have been treated by George for various sporting injuries over the years and I would highly recommend him as an Osteopath. His knowledge in how the human body works is second to none and he always gives great advice to help with the injuries I present with. I had a serious car accident many years ago and it was with George’s help and support I was able to resume back to a normal working life, and through his rehabilitation I am able to still do the sports I love.

Fabien Papini

This integrity is a rare quality in todays industry

I have suffered with recurring back and neck pain on and off for the past 25 years which is further hampered by a profession in IT, hunched over a laptop. During this period I have tried a number of different treatments but to no avail. George Sotiri was recommended by a friend of mine, and since that first appointment I have not looked back! What differentiates his service against all those I have experienced previously is that George is genuinely interested and cares about understanding his patients’ needs. George takes the time to work with the individual and develop a holistic approach to their treatment, in my case recommending changes to the ergomonics of my home office as well as dietary and fitness tips to enhance overall well being. Since my initial referral to George my overall mobility and posture has greatly improved! George will only advise treatment as and when appropriate, rather than signing a patient up to a recurring weekly plan when it is not needed – This integrity is a rare quality in todays industry and illustrates the professionalism with which George conducts himself at all times – a real find!

Joanne Shaughnessy

A big improvement in my quality of life

I have suffered with multiple sclerosis for the past 15 years and for the past 5 years George has been helping me overcome the everyday challenges i face on a regular occurrence. Since i have seen George my overall health has improved with the range of motion in my joints increasing and pain reduced. George has given me the confidence to make changes to my diet and with his advice and support I have managed to lose weight which has helped with my symptoms. I am now training on a regular basis and feel much better for it. George has been instrumental in me seeing a big improvement in my quality of life and i am very grateful for the professional and friendly support he provides on a weekly basis.

Peter Kao

I feel great and even started cooking!

Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder I was told that regular exercise would be beneficial to me. I went to Adam through a recommendation of a family friend as I knew exercise would be good for plus I wanted to lose weight and get a better understanding of how to use the gym. 

 Adam taught me everything I needed to know to use the gym properly and showed me that the gym wasn’t the only way to get results. I started training with him more than going to the gym using HIT circuits, kettlebells and training compound movements. This was great for me but I still wanted to lose weight and have more energy as sometimes the medication could make me feel quite tired. 

Adam looked at my nutrition and made me make small gradual changes in my lifestyle. Nothing was too structured or hard just small changes every couple of weeks. He was aware I had a budget and knew i was not that keen on cooking. As time went on he even gave me an eating plan to help me with food suggestions. 

Having worked with Adam now for over 3 years I have never felt better!! My nutrition is so much better, I have lost weight, feel great and even started cooking with his help.

Costa Constanti

Changing small things over time

Before I was introduced to Adam at one of Pinnacle’s fitness classes I had tried all sorts of fad diets and although I had seen results I soon put back on the weight and was unable to sustain the unrealistic expectations of some of them.

Adam took a slow approach with me, only changing small things over time. I didn’t think the changes would make such a difference not only in my weight but my energy as well.

Not only this but through Adam I have found a way of eating that is sustainable, enjoyable but most importantly fits my life.

Athena Pani

Amazed and will continue with my goal!

Unlike most I wanted to put on weight but more specifically muscle. I had always been your typical ectomorph and found it hard to put on any size.

Adam after a nutritional consultation made me realise I was eating no where near enough calories, but not just calories the way in which macronutrients were consumed were not optimal for what i wanted to achieve.

Within 4 weeks I had put on 5lbs and actually lost 2% BF, I was amazed and will continue with my goal to increase size with Adam’s help.

Joe stern

I was actually eating more food but losing weight

I came to Adam with the aim of losing weight like most people want to. once i had spoken to Adam and after after filling out various forms he gave me the advice I was not eating enough!

This sounded strange but after a few tweaks I no longer felt tired in the afternoon. And after a while I was actually eating more food but losing weight.

With Adam’s advice that was easy to understand and apply I wouldn’t have got the results I did!

Maria Giannotte

Not restrictive in any of the foods I enjoyed

I had been training with Adam for a while until one day he said to see the results I wanted I would need to put as much work in on my diet as I did my training.

Adam made me a personalised diet plan that fitted around my busy lifestyle but was realistic and not restrictive in any of the foods I enjoyed. With easy to follow recipe ideas that myself and my partner enjoyed the results i began to see were amazing.

Within 14 weeks I had gone from being overweight, tired and stressed to lean, energised and able to perform better at work.

Bob Caterer

Doing well in my career, but wanted to take it up to the next level

I am currently rated the undefeated international masters champion in boxing and ranked in the top 20 in the UK.

I came to Adam because although I am doing well in my career I wanted to take it up to the next level and knew nutrition was the area that let me down.

After analysing various areas such as diet, lifestyle, activity Adam gave my a personalised, easy to follow diet and supplement plan that would see my goal of dropping weight for the fight but also performing to my maximum capability and ability achieved.

I stopped getting ill due to poor nutrition, carried on dropping weight now at a sensible rate and my training was through the roof because I had so much more energy.

Adam takes time to look at every aspect and changes any small detail as we go to get the most of me, but in a way that’s easy to understand and apply.

Andreas Evangelou

Truly exceptional

My wife and I were looking for a personal trainer and were specifically looking for a variety of different things: an experienced professional trainer who would be able to adapt to all of our requirements and one who would be more enthusiastic than either my wife or I am. Anthony is all of these things and more. The nicest thing about Anthony is that he takes a massive interest in our fitness levels and abilities and adapts the session to suit our different needs. If you want to get fit, look good and have fun in the gym you could not find a better trainer than Anthony. He keeps the sessions varied which makes them more fun and focuses on core stability exercises. Both my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Anthony and we couldn’t recommend a better trainer to go to. He is truly exceptional.

Dr Allen Hanouka

Keeps sessions varied and interesting

I started training with Anthony to lose weight and get into shape after baby number two and I’m still with him a year and a half later. I really enjoy our weekly sessions. Anthony is always positive and encouraging and makes me feel great about my achievements. He keeps sessions varied and interesting and it never feels like you are doing the same workout every week. He strikes a great balance between being professional, yet friendly and caring. I don’t want to recommend him too highly though – I don’t want to risk losing my weekly slot!

Sonia Abrahams

Enhancing my overall fitness

I have been training with Anthony for the past two years. During this time I have always found him to be extremely professional and have a fantastic ability to motivate me even when I am struggling with a particular exercise. He has achieved excellent results in enhancing my overall fitness by tailoring his sessions to circuits that are suited to my age and fitness. Anthony always tries to make his sessions interesting and fun and I have really enjoyed the last two years training with him. I have already recommended him to my family and friends.

Joyce Gabbay

Dedicated to helping me find a better level of health and fitness

Anthony has been my personal trainer for over 2 years. He is motivated (even when I am not!) and pushes me to do more than I feel capable of! He is enthusiastic, courteous and dedicated to helping me find a better level of health and fitness. Always able to provide advise and help when I need it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and his organisation.

Andrea Small

I have strengthened my entire body

I started training with Anthony almost a year ago having suffered with my lower back and shoulder for many years. During the time I have been training with him my injuries have become less problematic and I have strengthened my entire body. He has an excellent knowledge of the body from his sports science studies and experience and has given me the confidence to try new exercises that I would never have done before. I now have a much stronger core as a result of my training and feel much healthier.

Juliette Leviton

Never even thought of changing trainers

I have been training with Anthony for 8 years. I have only good things to say about him. As a trainer he is knowledgeable, encouraging and effective. Training sessions with him always deliver. Anthony’s aims are realistic and he drives me to work harder but always does so in a sensible and attainable way. On a personal level he is a model of efficiency and charm. I have never even thought of changing trainers and I regularly recommend Anthony to others. I have never heard anyone say anything but excellent things about Anthony and deservedly so.

Jeremy Callman

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A fallen arch or flatfoot is known medically as pes planus. This is when the foot loses the gently curving arch on the inner side of the sole, just in front of the heel.

Anatomically the longitudinal arch is supported by a ligament known as the long plantar ligament which acts as both a supportive and connective structure for the muscles of the foot to attach to known as the plantar fascia.

With flatfoot the longitudinal arch is flatter to the surface. As a result the foot and ankle complex have to work harder to support the body during weight bearing resulting in pain and discomfort 😫

Tag a friend and share if you anyone whose suffers with this. This week will look at ways to combat this through exercise and treatment.
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