Tailored to your lifestyle, budget and schedule


Feel better from the inside out


Access to help and advice throughout

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Nutrition – Building a better you from the inside out

With obesity on the rise in adults and children alike, a rise in health related diseases, tons of fad diets, celebrity diets, deceiving food labels and just about anyone being able to help you with nutrition it is no wonder the UK is ranked in the top 5 for levels of obesity. That being said we are more aware now than ever the importance of nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle for us and our families.

Here at Pinnacle nutrition our registered nutritional coach looks to combine the principles of both nutrition and lifestyle to develop lifestyle changes to achieve your goals in a simple and informative way for both you and your family that are personalised to you.We don’t believe in fad diets instead looking at eating as a way of life that suits you and is sustainable plus enjoyable.

We want to give you the skills to become your own nutritional expert with personalised tailored advice and evidence based on your current eating and lifestyle habits. But our nutritional coach doesn’t stop there looking at every aspect of your life like every good coach should to become the best you possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favourite food or a prescribed diet that fits everyone. So whether high flying business person, performance athlete or stay at home parent pinnacle nutrition can help you.

Some of the benefits from seeing a nutritional advisor are:

  •  Intolerance
  •  Improved sleep
  •  Improved immune system
  •  Improved energy levels
  •  Body fat loss
  •  Muscle gain
  •  Knowledge in healthy eating for the individual
  •  Improved wellbeing
  •  Prevention of health related issues
  •  Improved sporting performance
  •  Supplement advice

Real life results

A plan that suits you


  • Research into your diet at present done via food diaries provided by yourself as well as lifestyle and goals
  • Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific goals, wants and needs
  • 45min consultation over the phone (in person can be arranged but costs vary) to talk about the findings and recommendations
  • Email inclusive of everything spoken about in phone consultation for you to take away
  • Weekly check-in via email with updates based around your goals, updates may include weight / measurements dependant on your goals



  • 30mins of skype per month for any questions you may have about the nutritional programme or any other nutrition based questions (this can be split how you want over a four week period)
  • Education in applied nutrition
  • Detailed macro nutrient plan (if required)
  • Weight and body measurements tracked
  • Plans changed and updated to suit your specific needs and goals




  • Access to recipes, supplements, advice if needed
  • 45mins skype/phone call each month
  • Shopping and Meal Planner £50 sign up with £35 a month



Still not quite sure?

I'm a total beginner to improving my nutrition and training - will this still work for me?

Absolutely, we offer different programmes that are suitable for those new to improving their nutrition.

In the longer subscriptions we look at every aspect of your lifestyle to get you eating in way that is healthy but works for you the individual with gradual steps.

Is this just a fat loss programme?

No – these programmes are for those who want to look, feel and perform their best. 

So if you need to lose some body fat, then that’s what you can do. But if you want to gain some lean muscle mass, then you can focus on that instead. Or perhaps you want to feel energised and confident every day, then we can show you the right steps to make that happen too. Want all of the above?

No problem, we have a complete programme for every goal.

I've followed diet plans in the past and found them all expensive and hard to follow - is this is just the same thing?

No way – We never promote any fad diets and our coaching programmes are not about strict rules or diet plans that you must follow.

Nor do you need any expensive supplements. Instead we look at what is currently holding you back the most and then apply simple, realistic and effective strategies to resolve them.

Will I have to spend a lot of money on food and supplements?

Not at all – we don’t recommend expensive supplements or ‘special’ foods to achieve your goals, we even offer shopping list help and meal ideas to keep the cost low if needs be.

I've got the basics down but need some help fine-tuning what I do - is this right for me?

Definitely. A lot of people don’t need the long term approach and already understand nutrition having a good healthy diet.

With the one off nutrition programme you get all the personalised information plus weeks support that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

What happens if I decide this coaching programme isn't right for me?

Then you can cancel at any time by contacting us via the members area.

I'm a busy person with a family and social life - does this programme stop me from having a life?

Nope, I actually want you to have a balanced routine and lifestyle when it comes to your nutrition.

So our programmes will show you how to maximise this balance to not only achieve great results for you, but have fun in the process.

I have some specific needs with my diet, and know what I like and don't like - will this still work for me?

If you follow a special diet already, such as Paleo, Intermittent fasting, Vegetarian, Atkins, Vegan etc, then you can continue to do so.


All these programmes are catered for the individual… YOU.

They are specifically designed changes that will get the goals you want in way that will suit your lifestyle!

Make a Nutrition Enquiry

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Fast lunch - Lemon and broccoli pasta 🍋🍋🍋 #heathyrecipes ... See MoreSee Less

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