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George Sotiri

George Sotiri

Pinnacle Osteopath & Personal Trainer

  • GOsC Registered Osteopath
  • B.Ost Med
  • Nutritional Diploma
  • Medical Acupuncture Certified
  • Kinesio Taping Practitioner
  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer 

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Contact George:

Since graduating from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008, George has been working full time in private health care working in both a clinical and sports setting. Based in North London, George has provided osteopathic consultancy for a local health club for the past 8 years whilst also working with a local football and rugby club. Working in such environments has given George a wide range of experience, enabling him to work with people of all ages and conditions.

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George has a very keen interest in sports related injuries. The combination of his strong medical background and passion for sports has enabled him to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the physical demands and common injuries that can arise in both a sporting and working environment.

George has a very strong structural and holistic approach to treatment, combining osteopathic treatment with nutrition, lifestyle and exercise prescription. He believes in the benefit of assessing the patient as a whole and educating the patient to understand the factors which cause their pain. Through this he endeavours to help resolve long term problems, through provision of advice on preventative measures that should be taken.

George has recently started running an Osteopathic and Sports Injury Clinic at Supplefeet in Enfield. Working alongside chiropodist Mrs Emma Supple, Supplefeet provides treatment for foot and ankle conditions offering chiropody and podiatry treatment. George has drawn from the wide experience and knowledge of the team to improve his own clinical skills and now utilises the latest software using slow motion imagery for video gait analysis to help with diagnosis and treatment. 

George’s drive to develop as a practitioner has continued over time and since graduating he has qualified in Medical Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping and Personal Training. These are all areas which he regularly practices in clinic to help both new and existing patients. When George is not working, he may be found exercising in the gym, running out on the road or watching his beloved Arsenal. 

Adam Wells

Adam Wells

Pinnacle Nutritional Coach & Personal Trainer

  • Advanced Diploma Nutrition & weight Management 
  • Advanced Diploma Sport & performance nutrition
  • Childhood nutrition & Obesity prevention
  • Pre & Post natal nutrition 
  • Multiple short courses & seminars attended on specialist topics through BodyType Nutrition
  • REPs Level 3 Personal trainer
  • Functional Resistance & sports specific training
  • Circuit solutions
  • Group studio Cycling (Spinning instructor)
  • Ex British Military Fitness Instructor
  • Fully trained in First aid & Immediate emergency care

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Contact Adam:

“Like so many others I battled with weight issues when I was younger which led to me wanting to lose weight as I loved sport but always felt this stopped me. I lost the weight and pursued my passion in sports, leading me on to play football at a high level.

My passion continued and led me to my job as firefighter in the London Fire Brigade, as I wanted a physically active job. It was here that my need for knowledge in training and nutrition really drove me to where I am now.

I read books, looked in the health magazines and was always looking for more information on training and nutrition to quench my thirst for knowledge but ultimately always being unhappy with the way I looked.”

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It was here I went on to study in Personal Training as I loved everything that was training, sports and gym.

I went onto to helping lots of clients in achieving their goals but found along the way that some clients, although training hard, were still not getting the results they wanted and in truth, I was still struggling to achieve what I felt I wanted to, body wise. This is where nutrition for me became so important again leading to me reading books, looking at the Internet and anywhere else I could find information on nutrition.

I then went onto to do a course on nutrition where I developed my view of “everyone is individual” and “what works for one in nutrition may not work for next person”, bringing me to my way of working EVERYONE IS INDIVIDUAL this is how I develop any nutritional advice or programmes for clients now and myself. I take a step by step approach making small gradual changes to all aspects of your life to improve your overall health that will see you lead a linger healthier life.

So whether you want more energy, wish to lose weight, add muscle, improve sporting performance, sleep better this is my passion and I love helping people having huge success with a range of clients giving me invaluable experience and will work along side you to achieve the goals you wish to achieve and ultimately get you to your pinnacle.

Anthony Sotiri

Anthony Sotiri

Pinnacle Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist

  • BSc Sports Therapy
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Personal Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Optimum and Sports Nutrition
  • Body Massage
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Diploma In Sports Therapy

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Contact Anthony:

Anthony is a North London based Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. Anthony started his career in 1999 working for one of London’s busiest and most accomplished private health clubs. In this time Anthony had the pleasure of training many different types of clients, including children, parents and busy executives. Anthony is very personable and committed to each and every one of his clients. As a result he has developed an extensive client base.

more about Anthony

By working as part of a team for 12 years, Anthony was able to gain valuable experience, observing and learning from the colleagues around him. This experience facilitated the transition from being part of a team to now leading a team of his own. Today Anthony prides himself on working closely with his group of health professionals, helping them to develop, ensuring clients receive the high level of service that they expect and deserve.

Anthony has always had a keen interest in sport and from a very young age showed great ability in a range of different activities including Swimming, Football, Basketball and Athletics. These days, when Anthony is not working with clients, he can be found in the gym practicing what he preaches as well as being kept on his toes by his son, Luca.

Anthony believes in the importance of treating all of his clients as individuals and looks to employ a bespoke approach. Training with Anthony is both challenging and fun. He ensures that his sessions are always safe, effective and specific to the individual’s wants and needs to ensure maximum results.

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